LARGE SIZES: Welcome to the department of extreme size shoes for these gentlemen, if you are looking for a shoe size 48 you will find it here and up to size 53. The style of men's leather boot that you will find in the department of large sizes is quite different, so you will find BLACK LEATHER RIDING BOOTS WITH LACES, for your equestrian leisure, made from 48 to 53. For bikers, several models of large boots are available, see our Large black leather biker boots ideal for the bike or the city for a western biker look with jeans. We do not forget the traditional men's santiag boot also available in large sizes from 48 to 53. In summary, you will find the winter boots for men you need! No more problems with putting on shoes, these gentlemen wearing a large shoe size will finally be able to have boots made to their size! Large size boots are made individually by special order.

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