Les paniers d'été

Summer Beach Bags

Summer 2016's trend is nice and natural but we want to add a touch of glamour .... so ShoesMade4Me have created a lovely variety of large straw basket bags, ideal for the beach to store your beach towels and sunscreen.

These beach bags have strong leather double handles and are very friendly. They are not only handmade but also hand painted and decorated. We use pearls and gems like rhinestones or small colored stones to decorate the bags  and draw beautiful designs and patterns of hearts, bicycles, peace and love etc ...

So trade in your winter leather bags for these pretty coloured basket bags.

A little history


Beginnings... A Basic History

The weaving of baskets is as old as the history of man. Traces of baskets have been found in the Egyptian pyramids, and woven basket liners have left their impressions inside the fragments of ancient pottery.

As soon as man were able to plait fibers together, they began to experiment with structures for woven containers. Baskets were needed as containers for everything imaginable- food, clothing, seeds, storage and transport.

The types of basketry:

Coiling is a technique of winding up the fiber like a snake while stitching it every quarter of an inch or so. The inner coiled material was usually grasses and the sewing material might be a stronger grass or stripped down tree fibers. The Native Americans of the Southwestern states of the US have long perfected coiling with grasses. Their wrapping usually covers the inner grasses completely.

Coiling with sweetgrass is done in West Africa, and those techniques arrived in this country with the African slaves. Today sweetgrass baskets are still woven in the eastern US coastal states. Yet another kind of coiled basket is woven from pine needles- the longer the better. These baskets are popular in Florida and the Northwestern US. Usually they’re sewn with raffia. (Raffia is the fiber of the Madagascar palm tree- very soft, waxy and easy to sew with.)

Splint weaving is the technique of weaving with flat materials. In Asia, these are made with reed and cane, the products of the vine calamus rotang, which grows in the rainforest of Indonesia. The vines are cut, transported by barge to ports where they are then exported to China for processing into the smooth coils of cane and reed. The cane is from the bark and the reed is from the core of the vine. So, in much the same way that trees become lumber,calamus rotang becomes reed and cane.

Amongst our best sellers are the following baskets:
Also see our beautiful straw hats to match. Get the summer feeling for your holidays, enjoy the beautiful warm sand and turquoise sky.
ShoesMade4Me wishes you a very Happy Summer Holidays!