Our collection of boots are specially made for horse riding and offer a variety of splendid coloured leathers to choose from. The quality and design of these riding boots ensure maximum comfort for the rider.
Embrace an English style with beautiful, custom-made leather riding boots.

You have always dreamt of having the perfect horse riding boots... ones that are not only stunning to the eye, but also provide you with that extra comfort, allowing you to ride securley as well as wearing them for daily use. Well it's good news! Look no further! You have found the perfect riding boots with ShoesMade4me.
Find your favourite models for your horse show! Imagine your horse superbly dressed and braided, sophisticated and waiting to be mounted. You need a pair of polo riding boots to match your horses elegance, made with resplendant natural leather and giving you that impressive dazzling look that you are searching for.

Elegance, customization and comfort: 3 excellence criterias for riding boots.

Choose our handmade riding boots for exceptional quality. Their slender shape is characteristic, with added flap details above the knees on some of the designs. In glossy calfskin or full grain cowhide leather, your handcrafted equestrian boots are robust and solid. They come in multiple colours: camel, black, original two-tone with red leather, and mixed snakeskin or crocodile skin leathers.
You care about your horse, so amongst these riding models you can find boots with zippers inserted at the back of the upper to avoid injuring your horse's sides. For a touch of luxury, why not choose the daring pair of “cavalier” style boots as worn by the Republican Guards. Otherwise, you can personalize your riding boots with the embroided initials option. You may also like the quilted finishes at the top of the upper. Finally, appreciate that all our handmade horse boots are fully lined in leather.

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