Welcome to Shoes made for me!

The creation of your account on our website will enable you to automatically benefit from the loyalty programme.


Every purchase makes you win loyalty points :

1 euro = 1 loyalty point

(1 euro spent for merchandise purchase equals 1 loyalty point.)

75 loyalty points = 5€ in discount vouchers

When the accumulated total reaches 75 points, you benefit from a 5.00 € discount voucher, that you can see on your customer account as well as in your basket before any payment, enabling you to view, at any moment, the total amount of  points you have and then  choose if you want to spend them or not.

You collect loyalty points from your first order, and the corresponding discount vouchers are deductible on your next order.

The Loyalty discount vouchers can be added: at every purchase. Collectable points: you can wait to gain more points before you spend them. They are to be used only once. Once spent, they are deducted from your account. They can not be exchanged nor be given up for any other order to pay (cash or else). It is not a credit card nor a debit card.

They are usable for every pruchase, except for sales and special offers. They can not be deducted on the delivery costs because they are only acceptable for merchandise purchase. The validity period for the points: 6 months. You have six months to spend your loyalty points from their emission date. You can use them all at once or for various occassions.