Handmade, made-to-measure hunting and mountain boots are available in different models and colours. They can be personalized according to your desires and your needs, to obtain a unique design completely made-to-measure.

Enjoy the wonderful nature with our mountain hunting boots

Throughout the year, you like to enjoy long hikes to discover new trails or a hunting trip. Backpacks and suitable clothing are essential items, as are your hunting/mountain boots. You praise their resistance which allows you to walk for hours on end, surrounded by the beautiful hills and calming sounds of nature.
Appreciate these handmade waterproof hunting boots when crossing a stream or out and about in rainy weather. You will find them so practical and elegant that you will probably end up wearing them most days. You can combine the high leg models with the low cut versions to complete your daily outfits.

Make the most of our custom-fit mountain boots

You can choose from a wide range of bespoke hunting boots and bespoke mountain boots, handmade providing your feet with optimum comfort for walking all year round. Both resistant and flexible, their notched rubber soles ensure fabulous grip on all types of floors; (wet or dry). The inside of our custom-made mountain hunting boots can be lined with leather or breathable fabric, to limit the feeling of humidity and to insulate the foot well from heat. The leather that we use, calfskin or full grain, is oiled to facilitate its maintenance, and to retain its properties throughout all the seasons, guaranteeing comfort and quality in all kinds of weather.
We use your foot and calf measurements to make made-to-measure hunting boots and to ensure immediate comfort. You will also get to choose the colour, as well as a notched or smooth sole. And to create your ideal style, feel free to add straps and fringes, which will transform your boots into unique models.

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