Take a look at the hunting and mountain leather boots for men and women. These shoes offer you high resistance and maximum comfort, available in different colours with a variety of designs.

Recharge your batteries in the heart of nature with our collection of hunting and mountain boots.

Your greatest pleasure is going to the forest to wind down and refresh. Whether you are hunting or just going for a walk and observing the spectacular nature in the surrounding hills, you always leave wearing your handmade hunting and mountain boots! You are guaranteed to be able to walk for hours without worrying about tired or wet feet. Even the unevenness of the terrain does not scare you at all, because you can rely on the excellent grip of your special thick mountain soles.
You may also go out on a daily basis wearing these wonderful hunting boots. You walk proudly, head up high in your elegant, quality leather shoes, dedicated to hikes, hunting Sundays or simply rainy days.

Aesthetics and robustness: the 2 winning elements of hunting and mountain boots.

Our hunting boots and mountain boots have been handmade and designed for men and women. They are made with good quality leathers, and are available in classic natural colours such as brown, camel, and black. The type of material is an "oily leather": it provides resistance specifically designed for outdoor use. The finishes of our handmade hunting and mountain boots offer a variety for all tastes: choose the high uppers with very trendy elastic gussets or the short mid-calf boots. Details such as fringed closures, decorative pompoms or two-tone leather colours add a certain nobility to your pair of boots.
These hunting and mountain boot models have neat finishes and very comfortable cuts with notched rubber soles that are totally adapted for long distance walking. The zippers have been paired with adjustment straps to suit all leg types and the insoles are also made of leather, for lasting comfort.

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