To choose your dancing shoes


  1. 1.     Choose the right size

We recommend dancers to choose a half-size less than the size used for smart shoes, indeed, it is important for your foot to be perfectly held. During your many steps and pirouettes, your foot must be perfectly held, it mustn’t move inside the shoe. You must be well adjusted, even a little bit tight, because with practice, leather shoes always loosen a little. Whether it is to dance Tango or to dance Salsa and all the Latin dances, you must wear comfortable shoes.

  1. 2.     Choose your heels

Shoesmadeforme manufactures your dancing shoes with several heel heights. For this, 3 heel types are offered, as well as 6 heel heights. Here are our different heels :

The cuban heel Louis XV, this heel is the most comfortable one, it is recommended for beginners and women who never wear heels daily. This heel is very stable and will increase your height while you won’t feel that you are wearing heels. This heel is offered with a height of 4 cm (1.6 in) or 5 cm (2 in). Usually used for classes.

The Wasted heel, this heel is a classic one in the dance universe, it is a bigger heel at the base, hollow on its perimeter and flared at the bottom, it provides a great stability and is used by most of dancers, it is perfect for beginners and professional dancers, it is stable and comfortable, and it is offered in 5.5 cm (2.2 in), 6.5 cm (2.6 in), 7.5 cm (3 in) and 8.5 cm (3.3 in). Used for classes and for shows.

The stiletto heel, it is a spike heel and remains fine from the base to the sole. It is an elegant heel, usually used by professional dancers during performances, competitions and shows. It can be used by beginners who are used to wear spike heels, but it is rather recommended to professionals. Used for shows.

- Soles

Dancing shoes by Shoesmade4me are equipped with soles made of leatherflexible soles for comfort. This is very necessary for Latin dances such as salsa, rumba, bachata or cha cha cha, your foot must be able to flex without any discomfort. 

For tango, a rigid sole can be used, at your convenience.

The insoles are made of special antiperspirant micro-fibers, allowing your foot to breathe, which is important for your comfort. This way your foot will never slip on the sole. Under the insole, small cushions are placed to make your foot comfortable.

- Materials

It is very important to choose dancing shoes made of high-quality materials, never choose synthetic materials, they will make your feet sweat and could hurt you.

Always choose leather, nubuck or satin. These materials are soft and of high quality. They will prevent your feet from sweating and hurting.

- Models

In the dancing shoes category, you will find closed shoes. Choose the style you prefer. Several kind of fastenings are available. First there is the traditional salomé shoe, this model is recommended for professional dancers. There are also shoes with crossed lashes on the instep, shoes with simple lashes fastened on the ankle, or models with lashes coiling once or twice around the ankle. All these models perfectly hold your feet and ankles. They can be used as well by professional dancers aswell as by beginners.

- Colours

The colours most used for dancing shoes are classic colours, Black leather or satin, silver, or red. Copper colour is also often used for competitions. This nude like colour can easily match your dancing outfits. Then there are shining colours wehere you can find derived colours such as silver or black for the classics, gold or red, as well as blue and purple. Then there are printed colours such as leopard or snake, flowery prints or lace. You will be able to combine colours and materials at your convenience. Black and silver is very elegant and red and golden is more flashy. Consult our colours palette by shoesmade4me to create your dancing shoes.

- Accessories

Many decorative accessories are used. Golden or silver rhinestone fasteners, small decorative jewels made of rhinestones are also used. This is for decorating the models and professional dancers aswell as beginners tend to do this to their shoes. The materials folded fabric on the uppers, or at the back of the foot or on top, brings a different touch of elegance to the dancing shoe. Some models are decorated with  pretty detail at the back of the ankle too, in order to underline the difference and the sophisticated elegance of your dancing shoes.


Shoesmade4me offers you the possibility to create your dancing shoes to your taste, adapted to your wishes, your feet, your outfit, your arch.

For this, you will have to choose several features :

  1. 1.     Colour

You will choose among 40 different colours, of course you will be able to mix colours and materials, for this, you will find a Colour Card on each product page, you can download it at the bottom of the product page.

Mix colours and materials without any surcharge.

  1. 2.     Heel height

You will be able to choose between three heel types and six heights, from the 4 cm (1.6 in)  heel to the 8.5 cm (3.3 in) stiletto heel. You will find the heel heights on each product page, to download at the bottom of the product page.

  1. 3.     Accessories

You can change the decorative jewels if you wish, remove them or change the model, or add them on models without them. You will also be able to choose a rhinestone buckle fastener or a steel buckle, as well as a fold at the back of the shoe, this is to be added or to be removed at your convenience.

The extra cost for the additional decoration rhinestone jewel is 10€.

The extra for the additional decorational fold is 10€.

For dancers who want special shoes, with two-coloured or tri-coloured mix, with rhinestones jewels and folds, if the product is not presented on our website, please contact our Custom-made service by clicking here.

Custom-made manufacturing service is also available, for big or very small feet. Contact us for this too.