Colours palette dancing shoes


Shoesmade4me helps you choose the colour for your dancing shoes from a wide selection of more than eighty different colours. When it comes to choosing the colour of your salsa (Tango, Bachata; etc) shoe, there are several cases to take in to consideration:

For example:

- You need dancing shoes for a competition, and they must match your outfit. In this case, you should choose a neutral colour such as copper. You can then add rhinestones if you wish, or you can choose a colour which matches your outfit perfectly.

- You regularly take dance classes and you need a comfortable pair of dancing shoes, but not necessarily a special colour in particular. In this case you should probably choose a black colour as it is the most basic colour. 

- You often go dancing in clubs, shows and parties. In this case, if these are your first dancing shoes, you should choose a colour which matches all your outfits, like silver, gold or copper, in order to wear your dancing shoes with any outfit.

The materials we use are satin and leather. Some models are combined with two or more colours. Here are the colours you will find :

leather dance shoes colours

colour palette for customizable dance shoes