These shoes will make you feel like you are wearing slippers on your wedding day!

Dear future brides,

Are you not used to wearing heels? Do they make your feet hurt? Does the weight on your feet cause too much pain whilst wearing heels? Lower back problems?

Your wedding is meant to be the happiest day of your life and ShoesMade4Me will help you enjoy your day and your evening without having sore feet. You won’t even notice you're wearing heels.

Indeed, ShoesMade4Me will take care of your feet by creating this line of ultra-comfortable shoes for your wedding, so comfy; you’ll feel like you are wearing slippers.

So, you are looking for ultra-comfortable shoes for your wedding day but you would also like them to be very elegant, beautiful and modern, with a comfortable and chic heel .... well take a look at ShoesMade4Me where you will find all these things!

You can choose your custom heel amongst 6 available heights and there are several different leather colours for you to pick from. 

For your comfort:

The most important thing is the comfort of your foot. We line the inside of the shoes with double padded cushions made of soft microfiber pads on the insoles, allowing your feet to breathe and making sure that they receive maximum comfort.

The inner sole is slip resistant and made of antiperspirant microfibers, ideal for sweaty feet, with a memory capacity, adapting to the shape of your foot. Absorbing-dry, antibacterial & Recyclable. We've also added a Cork Natural Inoflex damper that allows you to say goodbye to tired feet.

The comfort heels

The comfort heels are available and offered for all our shoes and offer optimum stability with their great balance.

In order for you to choose the heel height you desire, we offer 5 different heel heights and two types of heels:

- The reel heel: this heel is wider at the base, hollowed on its circumference and flared downwards, it gives a great stability. The following measurements are available for this heel height:  5.5 cm - 6.5 cm - 7.5 cm and 8.5 cm.

- The stiletto heel: This spike heel has a thin heel from the base of the heel to the sole of the shoe giving it an elegant look with a height of 8.5 cm. 

- Louis XV Cuban heel: this heel is the most comfortable heel,  very stable making you feel like you aren’t even wearing heels. The heights available are of 4 cm and 5 cm, made only on request.


As well as manufacturing your custom made comfortable heels, you can also choose the colour of your shoes so that they match your wedding dress perfectly.

In order to do this, ShoesMade4Me presents their colour palette to help you choose your preferred colour.

The most common colour chosen for wedding shoes, of course, is white. We have many beautiful colours available for you including pearly white and different materials for you to choose from:

We can make your shoes with a pure white colour if you wish, where you can choose between white satin, white leather and white patent leather.

Satin white heels

chaussures mariee blanches satin

White leather heels

chaussures mariee blanches cuir

Silver shoes

Amongst our silver leathers, you will find smooth silver leather and silver snake leather; absolutely beautiful.

Silver leather heels

chaussures mariee argent cuir

Silver snake leather heels

chaussures mariee cuir serpent argent


Smooth gold leather and elegant gold snake leather shoes.

gold snake leather shoes

chaussures femme cuir serpent doré

Smooth gold leather heel

smooth gold leather shoe


Here we present to you our beige satin and  beige “nubuck” leather  choices.

Beige suede shoes

chaussures nubuck beige

Beige leather shoes

chaussures mariee cuir beige

Beige satin shoes

chaussures mariee beige satin

Fancy shoes:

Find more fancy leather or lace models.

Fancy leather shoes

chaussures mariee cuir fantaisie

Fancy lace shoes

chaussures mariée dentelle fantaisie

New colour!! Discover our new collection of ivory satin bridal shoes, also in our selection of comfort shoes thanks to their double cushioned insoles and comfortable stable heels. We present ideal models for your wedding day available in ivory colours and different styles including closed-toe and open-toe sandal styles and other classic fashionable choices .. Here is a small selection:

chaussures mariee confort ivoire


Most of our bridal shoes are open-toed pretty leather sandals, some with straps and others draped. We also manufacture pumps and closed-toe style shoes for weddings.

Finally you have come across a shop that manufactures custom made heels ideal for your wedding day, so not only will you be the most beautiful elegant lady there, but you will also be the comfiest!

ShoesMade4Me are your exclusive shoes manufacturer for comfortable heels.


ShoesMade4Me also take men into account so the groom too can  choose the colour and leather for his shoes in order to create the perfect shoe for his suit, all this at a low cost, just like the ladies!

For those gentlemen still searching for your ideal shoe! Take a look at our Department for Grooms shoes here where you can choose the perfect model and personalized colour!