Colours palette leather boots

Leathers and colours

During your custom-made boots manufacturingshoesmade4me offers you the possibility to choose your boots colour. For this we present to you our leathers and colours palette in order to help you in your choice of leather skins and colours for your boots.

All the leathers used for our traditionally-made boots manufacturing are « pleine fleur » leathers. The « full grain skin » is the dermis structure where the hair is implanted (skin’s upper layer). It is the dense section of the skin.

The full grain leather means that the leather kept the whole thickness of its flower. It is a high-quality leather.

With these leathers, we offer many possibilities :

Nubuck/suede leather :

Nubuck is a kind of leather that’s surface was grated with sandpaper or grindstone, giving it a velvet look. It is made using the leather’s external surface, giving it a finer texture and better resistance. This leather has a velvet suede touch.

Maintenance : Nubuck is easy to maintain, your suede leather boots must be waterproofed before the first wear, you should do this regularly. A special rubber device for suede will enable you to clean dirt and small stains.

Here are the nubuck colours offered by shoesmade4me :

black suede leather bootsbrown suede leather bootscamel suede leather bootsbeige suede leather bootskaki suede leather bootsgrey suede leather bootsnavy suede leather boots

Smooth leather :

shoesmade4me uses full grain leathers to manufacture their boots, but several different types are used for finishing touches; the most used leather by ShoesMade4Me is Box Calf leather.

Box Calf leather is a calf leather which was tanned with chromium and received a smooth protein finishing touch, with a solid look. It is used for luxury shoes and boots manufacturing because it is an up market product.

Maintenance : Calf leather is a high-quality leather, it must be regularly nourished with milk or a nourishing cream for leather, and you must use a shoe polish (colourless or according to the leather’s colour). You must waterproof the leather boots before their first use and then do so again regularly.

Here are the Box Calf leather colours offered by shoesmade4me :

black leather boots shoesmade4mecopper leather boots shoesmade4mecamel leather boots shoesmade4meburgundy brown boots shoesmade4mechocolate brown leather boots shoesmade4mebeige leather boots shoesmade4mewhite leather boots shoesmade4me

Oiled leather or greasy leather :

An oiled leather is a leather which was greatly nourished with fuller and containing more than 15% of superior oil in weight. Because of this, it is a rather heavy leather, perfect for shoe manufacturing. Greasy leather is a very resistant leather, often used for riding and mountain shoes.

Maintenance : it is recommended to soften greasy leather boots with seal grease. Then, you must protect and waterproof your boots.

Stains on greasy leather : remove stains with a sponge soaked in soapy water.

Glazed leather/varnished leather :

Glazed leather is a full grain leather with finishing touches that bring a shine thanks to the varnish applied during the last step of tanning. Glazed leather is a resistant leather, easy to maintain, it is very popular in the luxury sector.

Maintenance : Glazed leather is maintained with a cotton duster, shoe polish and water. It is also essential to waterproof the glazed leather boots.

Here are oiled leather and glazed leather colours offered by shoesmade4me : 

black oiled leather bootsmoka brown oiled leather bootsbrown oiled leather bootschocolate brown oiled leather bootskaki oiled leather bootsshinny black leather bootsshinny burgundy leather boots

For pastel and flashy colour enthusiasts, you will also find coloured leathers for your leather boots manufacturing by shoesmade4me.

Some colours are made of greasy leather, others are made of Box Calf or Nappa.

Discover the coloured boots by shoesmade4me :

real blue leather boots shoesmade4melight blue leather boots shoesmade4mepink leather boots shoesmade4mevintage grey leather boots shoesmade4mered leather boots shoesmade4mekaki leather boots shoesmade4mevintage brown leather boots shoesmade4me

shoesmade4me is one of the rare boot manufacturers that offers you the possibility to choose the colour of your leather boots as well as the possibility to choose your boot's soles and their finishing touches.

Treat yourself and choose the colour of your boots.  Shoesmade4me will take care of providing you with the boots you have been dreaming of !!