Boots soles


How to choose the soles for your boots ?

During the custom-made leather boots manufacturing, shoesmade4me offers you the possibility to choose the sole type that you need for your boots depending on how you will use them.

Several sole types are available and shoesmade4me gives you advice to choose the sole and explains to you its use.

some kind of soles














1- Anti-oil sole

Nitrile rubber soles provide a better traction and an incredibly solid adhesion on slippery surfaces, this enables you to stay stable on icy and moist surfaces and to reduce the risk of skidding and falling. This sole, not only withstands extreme cold, but also withstands the highest temperatures. It withstands heat, meaning that it can stand temperatures reaching 300°C and protects you safely when working in very hot places. They are nonskid and oil-resistant soles, used mostly for bike boots in order to guarantee an optimal safety.



2- Lugged rubber sole

Mountain rubber Vibram soles are made of lugged rubber. The lugged rubber sole is very useful for outdoor activities, to the extent that it offers optimal protection and safety against irregularities on natural floors. The mountain sole is designed to adapt to different kinds of hiking, also on asphalt, wood, rock, mud, snow or ice and wet or dry paths. Shoesmade4me recommends putting lugged rubber soles on leather hunting boots for example, boots for hiking in the mountains or even boots for fishing.



3- Nonskid rubber sole

Frank Rubber soles are ribbed soles, a compromise between smooth rubber soles and lugged rubber soles. This sole is nonskid and very resistant. Shoesmade4me recommends ribbed rubber soles for some leather riding boots and for leather boots for hiking hobbies, excluding mountains. The rubber sole is waterproof and prevents water from seeking through the sole during rainy weather.




4- Leather sole

Leather soles are manufactured with smooth ox leather, a very thick leather. Leather soles enable your feet to breathe and allow thermic exchanges with the outside. Furthermore, leather soles provide an unequalled comfort to your feet. Leather soles have been used for a long time for high-quality leather boots manufacturing. You will find leather soles on most of our leather shoes and boots.

Shoesmade4me also gives you the possibility to add  nonskid rubber skate on your soles during the custom-made manufacturing.



5- Pémar soles

Pémar soles are soles made of elastomer which looks like leather but they are synthetic soles. The advantage of a synthetic sole is undoubtedly its resistance, indeed you will not have to visit your shoemaker very often! These soles are also nonskid and comfortable. We use these kind of soles on leather boots worn in town for their nonskid qualities.















You will have the possibility to choose your soles during the order of custom-made boots, you will also be able to add a nonskid skate and you will be able to choose the colour of your boots as well as the leather type.

Create your custom-made boots and choose the composition as well as the colour, exclusively by Shoesmade4me, your luxurious leather boots manufacturer.