Bridal shoes custom made - Quality and range of colours

Bridal shoes custom made - Quality and range of colours

Dear brides and grooms,

ShoesMade4Me offers you the opportunity of having your shoes custom made  to your liking, therefore, helping to make your wedding day the happiest day of your life!

Looking for a pair of moccasins that you like and cannot find the right colour? Find them here on ShoesMade4Me!

On ShoesMade4Me we will help you achieve the custom coloured  shoes you wish for;  In order to do this you can find a wide selection of stylish shoes and moccasins in our men’s wedding shoes category. Each shoe is available to be manufactured from a range of colours that you can choose from.

Here are the pros and characteristics of the fabulous shoes that we offer our brides and grooms:

The quality:

- All our shoes and moccasins offer leather decked anatomical insoles for your comfort.

- The inside of the shoe is lined with leather and have been manufactured carefully with great craftswork following the tradition on essential leather finishing touches.

- The outer soles are leather and hand sewn with the Blake Building custom, making them extra strong.


- Almost all of our moccasins and men's shoes are available from sizes 38 up to size 50.

ShoesMade4Me also take into account smaller and larger sizes for men. Some of our models are even manufactured from sizes 36 up to size 53 on request.

So it's easy to find your perfect fit here with ShoesMade4Me with 20 different sizes offered for men.


For wedding shoes  we have 3 very trendy models with stunning finishes:

1) Varnished leather

These patent leathers offer the following colours:

- Black Clear coat Leather 

- Black Patent Leather

- Patent Red Bordeaux Leather  

- Patent Beige Leather 

2) Glossy leather

Our glossy leathers are available in the following colours:

- Leather Black Clear coat

- Black Patent Leather

- Red Bordeaux Patent Leather 

- Beige Patent Leather 

3) Satin

Our Satin colours: 

- White Satin

- Silver Satin 

To view all our colours, please discover our shoe colour palette here.