Coloured leather wedding shoes for men

Coloured leather wedding shoes for men

Here are the different colours and leathers offered to you by ShoesMade4Me for your custom made shoes.

The varnished leather

Colored leather wedding shoes for men

What is patent leather?

Here is a bit of history on the origins of patent leather as well as its treatment for you to learn about.

The patent leather was created in the 20s, the years that featured elegance and sobriety. Cabarets in Chicago and the "Paris Opera” wore stunning patent leather shoes with stockings. For many years we hadn’t seen much of this glamorous leather but nowadays it is one of the top fashionable leathers. Fashion designers revisited the matter today offering trendy jean-polished shoes for men. It is clear that patent leather is the most used leather for wedding shoes, perfecting your outfit, matching your tuxedo or suit.

Before, the surface of the patent leather was treated with Lin oil, giving it that shiny and absolutely beautiful finish thanks to this delicate technique. Today the treatment is carried out with synthetic varnish, providing more resistance and making an easier maintenance.

The Glossy leather

Coloured leather wedding shoes for men

What is glazed/glossy leather?

The glossy leather is a much more recent leather, created in the 80s. With this patent leather our craftsmen have found a compromise between matte leather and shiny varnished leather. It is a semi-aniline leather covered with opaque pigments and these pigments  themselves are covered with a transparent film. This frozen semi shiny leather finish is very Souvant called Florentic finishing and is used very often for custom made shoes.