Wedding shoe colors

ShoesMade4Me shows you the colors that are usually used for the making of our wedding shoes. But below you can find our range of leather and satin colors also available. This palette will be very useful for when choosing your shoes, bridal heels or evening shoes.

What there is to know

We use two main materials:

- Leather: This is a soft cow leather,  delicate on your skin to avoid discomfort or injuries. These leathers are then derived in suede or patent leather. The leather we use is a high quality resistant leather that fits your feet well. Maintenance: Feeding the leather is the most important aspect of maintaining a pair of shoes. Nutritious milks are available from your cobbler or in the supermarkets, but Nivea cream is also ideal for the nutrition of your leather and will do the trick!

-Satin: Satin is a soft and shiny material, that has been used for many years for bridal shoes, dance shoes and ballet shoes. It's an ultra resistant material that holds its shape well over time. Maintenance: Satin is a material that seems very delicate but this is absolutely not the case. Satin can get just as dirty as leather when it comes to light colors, but don’t worry! The dirt and stains are easily removed with Cleansing Wipes ..... !!! And yes, it really is that simple! The dirt disappears from your satin shoes with just a cleansing wipe!

White colors

chaussures blanche mariage

We have three different choices of white shoes available to manufacture: 

- White leather: leather matte and pure white.

- The white patent leather: Treated and lacquered leather with a high glossy finish, and completely white tone.

-White satin: It’s appearance has a beautiful satinné effect. 

We are here to help!  The three white tones above are a totally pure white color. This is important to know when it comes to matching your shoes with your dress.

Silver colors

chaussures argent mariage

 - Silver leather: leather with a slightly glossy finish, very elegant.

- Silver snake skin leather or silver lizard with a  glossy finish, original look.

- Fancy white and silver leather: white matte color with shiny silver flower designs printed on top.

- Silver marble leather: slightly pink and blue silver, shimmering marble leather.

- Black and White Lace: White lining covered in black lace with a matte appearance. Available in red on request. 

Let us help you: We advice silver leather shoes for outfits with patterns or prints so the different materials do not clash. If you are wearing a simple black or white dress, then perhaps the silver snakeskin heels are the most appropriate for this outfit, accessorized with silver jewellery giving you a very trendy look. When it comes to a blue shaded outfit then the marble leather heels would go beautifully! As for the lace shoes, they would look stunning accompanied by a black, white or grey outfit giving you a sophisticated number!

Gold colors

chaussures dorees mariage

Choose from 5 tones of beige and gold for the making of your shoe

 - Beige or Gold leather with a glossy finish; very elegant.

- Gold snake / lizard skin leather with a glossy finish and original look

- Soft Beige Nubuck suede leather.

- Beige matte Leather.

-Beige satin: Pinkish beige coloured satin with a beautiful satinné effect.

Let us help you!  You should choose shoes with gold leather or gold snake skin leather for evenings. A black and gold dress accompanied with gold jewellery  will harmonize perfectly with these golden heels. The nubuck or smooth beige leather heels will suit many outfits and are appropriate and easy for wearing in the city. The beige satin shoes are real gems, preferably worn with a printed or patterned outfit.

We have a wide choice of colors for your evening footwear, some more flashy than others. Some of our colors are only available on request. We hope that this information has helped you make your choice. If you need more information, please do not hesitate on contacting us by email.