customize your dance shoes

These custom-made dancing shoes are exclusive on ShoesMade4Me, your online shoe shop for high quality latin and ballroom dancing shoes. As we indicate, ShoesMade4me allows you to customize the open toe style dance shoes aswell as the closed toe style dance shoes.

 In order to do so, below are available more than eighty types of leathers and colours for you to choose from to personalize the dance shoe to your taste. You may also combine various types of leather to get the look that you desire.

 In each dance shoe tab, basic colours are presented in the drop-down menu. If you do not like any of these basic colours, you may also choose from the list of colours provided below.

 When ordering your customized shoes, it is important to proceed in the following way:


1) Choose the color you wish for on this page (it's important to make a note of the colour's reference in order to be able to locate it quickly).


2) Select the dance shoe model that you wish for.


3) Check that the desired color is in the drop-down menu - If this is NOT the case, you must select the "Custom Colour" menu.


4) Choose the type of heel that you desire.


5) Choose your shoe size.


6) Confirm and pay for your order.


7) Contact Customer service following this link: ShoesMade4Me CONTACT and let us know which colour or colours you would like for the making of your shoe.

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