The choice of heel height is important because your comfort for the day depends on this; a suitable heel for you is a heel that not only will help to not hurt your feet, but you will also avoid swollen feet and you will also do your back a favor which is very important!

Each woman has an ideal heel height according to her morphology and the way she wears the shoes. We offer the possibility of being feminine with our models of sandal style heels with custom-made heels, allowing you to choose the height of heel that is most suitable for you.


And since the choice of heel goes hand in hand with COMFORT, you will find all our models here:

Custom-made heels:

Here you will find a gorgeous collection of handmade customizable heels with loads of trendy designs to choose from.


Comfortable wedding shoes:

A beautiful collection of custom-made bridal shoes

and heels for a party, or wedding

or an elegant reception, to take on a feminine look

with a comfortable heel


Latin dance and ballroom shoes:

Dance salsa, tango, bachata, all types of dances

Latin and ballroom dancing heels to suit your needs


Depending on the shoe models and our collections, we offer different types of heels as well as several heights. These heel heights are listed on each product sheet so that you can download the image and see the different options for the model you desire.


We illustrate here the different types of heels and heights as well as their characteristics:


- Louis XV heels - Also called "Bobine Heels"


These are wider heels from base to end, in the shape of a coil.


- Italian heels:


These heels are also spool shaped, resembling the louis XV heels, but wider. They are offered in our collection of Italian shoes.

-The Stiletto Heels or Slims


These are slim heels at the end and are available in several heights depending on the model.


- Conical or Antonnoir heels


Here are the 3 types of heels available for our collection of made-to-measure heels, with the different heights available. You will find all this information on each product sheet, "Button" with the heels and colours, making it easier for you to choose.