Find here at ShoesMade 4 me, a whole new collection of Italian shoes with made-to-measure heels, designed by Carol Martinez who has created a whole series of shoes with special comfort heels.

A special wedding collection is presented in white leather and totally customizable for the colour and heels,  to your taste. You can also see the silver versión with these superb shoes with stiletto heels available in small and large sizes.

These are ideal shoes for weddings, cocktail parties or to simply dress up for your chic summer evenings, with all the elements of comfort and quality that characterize Italian hand-made shoes.

If we add to this all the comfort created especially for dance shoes, we get a real gem!

How to choose your shoes and personalize them?

Here are the steps to follow:


1- Choose the model you like, regardless of the colour and / or the heel, for that, go to the section of COMFORTABLE WEDDING SHOES

2- Choose the colour from our superb leather colour palette: there are two collections available depending on the model; we present a very nice varied palette of materials and colours to choose from by following the following link: COLOURS FOR CUSTOMIZABLE SHOES

3- Choose your heel. For the Italian collection, several types and heights of heels are available for you to choose from, as well as the material of the heel.  Please refer to this link to help you choose: CUSTOM HEELS

Once these 3 elements are well determined, you can validate the order and receive the shoes of your dreams!

Here is more information about the comfort of Italian shoes from the Carol Martinez collection:

- Perfectly balanced heels, using Cork flex technology which consists of inserting a layer of cork inside the shoe, to provide you with a shock absorbing effect whilst you walk.

- Leather walking soles

- Ecological, anti-bacterial and anti-slip insoles

- Soft padding under the sole of the foot so that they rest comfortably

- The total thickness of the insole is of 9mm minimum so that your foot fits comfortably


Here is a small sketch allowing you to visualize these elements