Here in ShoesMade4Me we specialize in manufacturing handmade shoes, made to measure boots with the option of having the shoe completely customized. We produce leather boots, completely hand made following the most ancient artisan tradition. The boots are handmade and lined with high quality leathers and their soles that have been sewn on by hand. We manufacture various types of unisex leather boots, from traditional cowboy and cowgirl boots, to hunting or horse riding boots.

RIDING BOOTS: In ShoesMade4Me you will find a great selection of handmade leather horse riding boots including the dressage boot, the riding boot and the jump boot. All these riding boots consist of high uppers so that they don’t get caught on anything and their zippers are placed on the right side of the boot in order to not injure the horse.

For those whose feet do not fit the standard measurements, you can find made to measure boots, customized entirely to your exact size and also allowing you to choose the color and type of sole that you desire.

HUNTING BOOTS: Our leather hunting boots are made mainly with rubber mountain soles, enabling you to walk in the mud without slipping and isolating you from any moisture. Hunting boots or mountain boots usually have lower uppers of about 38/40 cm high, depending on the model.

MOTORBIKE BOOTS: The biker boots presented on ShoesMade4Me are Harley Davidson style, ideal for bikers. A boot made of leather with metal caps and reinforcements, depending on the model. They consist of anti-skid and anti-oil nitric soles of the best quality, ensuring optimum safety, comfort and isolation without forgetting this modern and elegant design.

COWBOY BOOTS: This section contains precious cowboy style , pointed toe and cowboy boots with typical Mexican embroidery and beveled wooden heels. All our shoes are manufactured with the best high quality leathers. ShoesMade4Me manufacture women’s cowboy boots with higher heels, higher uppers and feminine colors in addition to the unisex boots and other cowboy boots. For men, we also have more masculine looking Men's Mexican style boots available.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here you will also find traditional cowboy ankle boots with amazing elegant designs

CUSTOMIZED DANCE SHOES: Here on ShoesMade4Me you can find Latin and ballroom dance shoes providing you with maximum comfort thanks to their double padding on the insoles and the fact that they are made from completely organic high quality materials: leather or satin.  Not only are they the best quality footwear for dancing, but you can also have your dance shoes personalized to your liking! You'll be able to choose the color of your dancing shoes, from our color chart with more than 80 different styles offered to you. So find your creative side and start designing your dream shoe, totally exclusive, that you will never see being worn by another dancer! For your convenience, you can also choose the height and shape of the heel for your dance shoe, depending on what is best for you. ShoesMade4Me manufacture women’s dance shoes from sizes (EU) 33 to size 43, including half sizes.

SPECIAL WEDDINGS: ShoesMade4Me offers you a beautiful selection of bridal shoes, divided into three sectors:  Designer high heels, Special Comfort heels and the Ivory collection.

Our collection of  comfort bridal shoes have been designed and are committed to the comfort of your feet, with soft cushions situated on the insoles of the heels providing you with maximum support and comfort. These bridal shoes are also completely customizable! You can choose the height of the heels and color of the shoes, so that they match your wedding dress perfectly! Shoes ShoesMade4Me offers you a trendy collection of women’s wedding shoes with loads of fashionable designs to choose from including very stylish high heels with rhinestones and beaded decorations, covered in satin or lace. Some of our glamorous models are even reduced in price! 

In our Ivory wedding shoes department you will find a selection of comfortable elegant shoes made from ivory coloured satin or leather, some with lower heels, some with and open-toe design, others with a closed-toe design and various types of decorations.

As for the gentlemen, what could be better than our beautiful wedding shoes presented to you in our collection of customizable men’s wedding shoes, on ShoesMade4Me, Here you will find beautiful moccasins and shoes with very elegant patterns and you can also choose the color of your shoes or even choose the snakeskin leather that we have available for you.

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